Monday, February 21, 2005

Used Guilty Pleasures

I''ve been taking a class at NYU, which meets every Monday at 6:10pm. This is an irritating start time for me as it gives me enough time to go home after work, but if I do, I pretty much have to turn around and head to class after only a little home time or I can skip going home, but then have to entertain myself for a little while until it is time. Tonight I decided to entertain myself by hitting a CD store on St. Marks and routing through the used CDs. I wound up with a selection that is part guilty pleasure, part curiosity and part "can't beat the price." My total bill was $20.47 and here's what I got (I'll let you guess which one was only $0.88):

Survival of the Sickest by Saliva
Trixter by Trixter
re.present by Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Noise From the Basement by Skye Sweetnam ~ remember my rant about her here?

It's gonna be an awesome week of rockin' out to fairly embarrassing music.

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