Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Funny Business

Do you want to know why I listen to bands that some critics (and probably you) find useless? Because they are fucking funny, that's why. Check out the following two entries from the Bloodhound Gang's web site and try to tell me you don't appreciate the humor (and that's before the music even starts!) If you truly don't appreciate the humor, maybe I'll give you a shot to the bridge of your nose with my funny bone next time I see you and we'll see if it is funny then:

Bloodhound Gangsters spread it.
While our main objective in organizing a street team is to procure grass roots marketing at a minimal cost to ourselves by exploiting the unwavering devotion of our most dedicated fans, we're hoping some fat nerds handing out Weezer stickers get beat up in the process. If you're into indentured servitude, send an email to Holmes.

The official state song of Pennsylvania sucks mad dick. Therefore, we have decided to petition the state legislation of the people's dumpster known as Pennsylvania to have it changed to our song, the appropriately titled, "Pennsylvania." Now go here bitches.

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