Monday, February 20, 2006

... and Your Little Dog Too!

I consider myself to be a liker (not licker) of dogs. Small dogs I like a bit less, but I think it is mostly due to the way owners treat their little dogs like babies. Dress them up, carry them around in a bag, talk to them with baby talk, etc. If you are going to be like that with your dog, buy a cat or make a real baby. I had two canine encounters the other day that got me feeling annoyed.

The first encounter was a tiny little fucker. The owner was yapping away on her cell phone and not paying any attention to the rat size dog at the end of her leash. She also had the rat dog dressed in a pink sweater of some kind. So dumb. As I was passing said dog I closed my phone (it's a flip style). The noise of the closing phone, which is no louder than snapping my fingers, made this dog jump like I had fired a gun next to it. Stupid.

Here is the rat dog in action:

The next offender is mostly the fault of the owner. I go to get my hair cut and the guy in the chair had his fucking dog on his lap.

First of all, I think you should leave your dog at home when you are going for a trim, but if for some reason you can't, the dog can stay on the floor, unless it too wants a trim. I was really hoping Michael (my barber) would "slip" with the clippers just once. Maybe give that dog a nice Mr. T haircut. By the way, not to be outdone by the little rat dog, this dog had accessories too. No pink sweater, but a Burberry (or imitation Burberry) collar and leash.

I could tell Michael didn't really find it very amusing, but he is too professional and nice to say anything. He's all about getting the cut right and all about getting his BIG $9 payment when it is through. Man I wanted to punch that dog owner right in his cleanly trimmed head.


Lozo said...

real nice. take a photo of the guy with the dog in his lap, but don't shoot yourself in the same chair with your pet pig you take everywhere. weirdo.

lz said...

You mean to say there are gay men in NYC getting $9 haircuts? What's the world coming to?