Monday, February 13, 2006

Lil' Pimps

I went upstate this past weekend for some fresh air. In order to stuff some of that crispy, invisible goodness into my lungs, I spent some time strapped to my snowboard at Greek Peak. The snow up there wasn't all that plentiful, but I managed to work with what Mother Nature (and some snow guns) gave me, and had a good time.

During a brief break at the base of the mountain, I see two groups of kids walking along. I am guessing junior high, but my judge of age is pretty awful, so who the hell knows. One group was all guys, the other was guys, and one gal. Apparently, the guys in this group had a mission to pimp her out to the other group, and when the interest wasn't there, they did not tolerate "no" very well:

Kid from Group 1: Hey! You! Kid with the red hat.

Kid from Group 2: Yeah?

Kid from Group 1: This girl wants your phone number.

Kid from Group 2: NO!

Kid from Group 1: She just wants your number.

Kid from Group 2: I said NO!

Other kid from Group 2: Noooooooooo!

Kid from Group 1: Geeez. OK, see ya later gay group.

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