Thursday, February 2, 2006

Adios Autobus

One of my favorite lunch options in the low-option world of Jersey City is a little something we call The Burger Bus. Well, I went to get my delicious $3 sandwich a week or so ago and I was informed that my favorite snack supplier would be no more. My sandwich guy Willy would be ditching the world of mobile restaurant for a standard issue, bolted to one place kind of situation. So, the Snack Truck would now be a snack place? I guess a restaurant is what you could call it.

Now, I don't mind losing the novelty of a mobile snack spot, but my problem is that the new style is not only anchored in one place, it is also two PATH train stops away. That's not really going to work for me. Damn you Burger Bus! I was briefly intrigued at the notion of trying to convince Willy to sell me the bus so I can begin a new career, but I was concerned about parking and my lack of griddle experience so I didn't follow through.

Anyway, my sorrow is certainly Lozo's joy (Lozo falsely claims that The Burger Bus tried to poison him. I say Lozo is just a bit wimpy in the guts).

Good luck to Willy and perhaps I'll make the trek to the new joint at Journal Square someday.


Lozo said...

Four days. I shit for four days. I puked for one. I bet Willy is just running from the proper authorities. I'll get Willy yet!!!

WJR said...

I'm guessing your illness was due to your habit of licking your dog's ass, not The Burger Bus.

mike said...

I remember when Lozo made that claim about the Burger Bus, called out for two days, then came back to work with a sunburn. Nice try, Lozo. You don't have to pretend anymmore. Let the truth be heard, you lying piece of poo.

Bill, your new picture is scary.

Lozo said...

my dog's ass is cleaner than willy's grill. and tastier.

Meg said...

I loved the burger bus and I cared deeply for Willy. Harborside's loss! Tragic.
I never got sick from the bus. Not once. I think Dave Lozo's symptoms are in keeping with someone whose lies are poisoning them from the inside out. He clearly had it coming.

anise said...

i was actually the one who sent lozo to said burger bus - claiming them to be the best burgers that side of the hudson. i discovered that thing.

in fact, i think that is the third bullet point listed on my resume under PR Newswire accomplishments.

another sad day for harborside.