Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Couple of Rock Pix

I went to see a rock show at Webster Hall this past Wednesday. The whole lineup was Zao, DevilDriver, Trivium and In Flames. I really only wanted to see Trivium, but got there a bit early so I caught DevilDriver too. Sometimes a good ol' fashioned rockathon is just what the doctor ordered.

Last time I went to Webster Hall, they didn't seem to be allowing photos. "Only camera phones and disposable cameras" I was told. Seems to me a photo is a photo, so I didn't understand that logic, but I didn't want to get thrown down the stairs and out onto the sidewalk, so I complied. So, this show I didn't bring my camera and it seemed the rules had changed as photos were happening on the regular. Maybe it depends on the band and not the venue, but either way, this time around all I could manage was these three phone-based photos which don't really do the show justice.

Paolo stays left of the light

Matt urges the crowd to chaos

Those horns aren't for Texas

Anywho, just thought I would share. I know the photos are lacking. I'll try to do better next time.

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