Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Bringin' The Luck

I played hooky from work today and went to see the Yankees play the Tigers. The Yankees lost, but it was a good game nevertheless. I've been to four baseball games this year (Mets vs. Giants, Yankees vs. Rockies, Yankees vs. Red Sox and this Yankees vs. Tigers). Three of the four games I have attended have concluded with the home team victorious and four of the four games have been close and exciting. Combined scoring for the four games was home team 25, visiting team 19. Not too bad.

Next week I will be testing my theory that I am a good luck charm at baseball games by attending a Newark Bears game. If the home team does in fact win yet again, hence proving my theory, I will be auctioning off use of my good luck to those who need it. Bring me to a game of your choice and I'll see what I can do for your favorite team. If I can't finagle a win, I bet the game will at least be exciting. If not exciting, it will probably be sort of fun sitting with me. Plan ahead -- hot dogs, beer and salted peanuts help me to achieve the level of intensity I need.

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