Monday, July 26, 2004

Last Round

Last Wednesday I went to The Village Idiot for a little "good bye" drink or three with some of the very people I used to waste brain cells there with back in the day. There are still a few days left to visit The Idiot one last time, but we were concerned that our schedules would not permit such a journey, so we went at it a week early.  Not to reiterate what I have already said, but that place really is great.  Maybe not as great as it once was, but still a hell of a lot better then most.  $2 PBRs really get the ball rolling, as do the tunes in the jukebox.  You have no choice but to get drunk as all hell, and when you do nobody there will look down on you or take offense because they are all in the same stinky (and I mean stinky) boat.  

Only six days left until 14th Street at 9th Avenue changes forever. 

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