Thursday, July 29, 2004

Something Stinks

Well, the nose knows.  That unpleasant news I thought I was smelling, did indeed exist.  My office is moving from New York, NY (Manhattan) to Jersey City, NJ.  Banished from the Manhattan kingdom! This should all go down in late November or early December. We are told that it is because our current building sucks (power issues, temperature control issues, fires, etc.) as well as financial reasons.  This move sucks it.  Here's why:

  • my commute is longer
  • there are fewer (and crappier) choices for food
  • more irritating tax figuring
  • I no longer have the view from the 32nd floor
  • I can not have my lunch in Central Park
  • I'll be further from my dentist and doctor so appointments before lunch or right after work are going to be impossible
  • the office we are moving to is a dump and depressing as hell (supposedly it will be fixed up, but I will believe that when I see it

on the positive side:

  • the Quick Cards for the PATH train are cool the way they zip through the turnstiles
  • it's fun to call Jersey City "J.C."
  • no longer have to deal with the tourists in Times Square 
  • the view of the Manhattan skyline is nice
  • less threat of terrorist attack (I don't think J.C. is on their hit list)
  • only have 8 floors to walk down instead of 32 in the event of a blackout/fire/whatever

Well, when it is on paper (or the computer) I guess it really doesn't look so bad, but believe me, it is pretty crappy. 

Someone please save me ... 

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