Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday Fun

After work today I was skating home down Broadway as is often the case. The traffic was a bit thicker than usual -- it gets like that on some Fridays. Anyway, the whole way down I could hear a truck laying on the horn as traffic would get jammed up. Baaaamp. Baaaaamp. It was a loud horn. Tractor trailer style. It was getting a bit irritating.

At one point, I tried to get in front of some sluggish traffic with a quick burst of speed. There was some water or some other liquid in the road right where I tried to do my acceleration. My right foot slipped way out to the side and after a couple of bumbling, stumbling slippery steps I regained my upright position. Phheew. I was pretty close to going down. No worries though. I was up and at it again.

A block or so later, from off to my right I hear, "You almost lost it baby, wooooooooo. Be careful." Baaaamp. Baaaaamp. Sure enough it was the loud horn guy. He was at the helm of a Great Bear Water truck and from the looks of things he was lovin' every minute of it. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up, just to let him know that I was happy someone enjoyed my display of tempting death.

Keep on truckin' my humor-filled, truck driving friend. Everyone needs to be hydrated and everyone needs to laugh.

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South Yarra Steve said...

I really enjoy reading you blog - you are funny and have a wicked sense of humour -btw can I get a packet of the 4 hour numbers... tee hee! cheers Steve