Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Me Fail English?

That's unpossible!
So ... I'm back in the good ol' U.S. of A. I'd like to thank Mike for pointing out that I fucked up on my "Regroup The Mind" post by inadvertently using the word "hoping" instead of "hopping"


Hopping damnit. Hopping! I get it. I was hopping in seat 16F not hoping in it. Man, you'd think I was an editor or something. Get off my back.

My first day back at work (after I took a shit in Mike's desk drawer) I did a lot of scouring through my e-mails to see what I had missed. From 4:30pm on October 23 to 12:01am on October 4 I received 4,556 e-mails, and that doesn't even include the real junk in my spam folder. That 4,556 was, for the most part, work related shit. RECOCULOUS! I deleted 4,546 of them because they were crap. That is nothing but retarded. Out of 4,556 e-mails only 10 were needed. The information superhighway has become a big, ugly logjam.

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