Friday, August 6, 2004

Added SeTURDity

With all of this added security going on in New York, my apartment complex has also added some measures to prevent those pesky terrorists from blowing us all up.

There are several small, one-way roadways (referred to as "Loops") that go from a main street that surrounds the complex, and in semi-circle layout, exit back onto the same surrounding street about two blocks from where you started.

The added security entails a couple of flimsy metal barricades (the type used to control crowds at parades and in Times Square on New Year's Eve), and usually two guys stationed at the entrance to these loops. When a car pulls up, they check to see if the person actually lives in the complex before letting them in. I appreciate the effort and I suppose it gives people a little bit more of a secure feeling when they are coming home and they see that terrorists plots are being hindered, but there is one issue I have to laugh at. The other end of the loop -- the exit side -- is unattended. Does security think that a van of terrorists who are prepared to blow themselves up for some looney cause are going to give a shit about following the posted street signs?

Terrorist 1: "Ooooh, there is a roadway, pull in front of that apartment building."
Terrorist 2: "I can't pull in there. There are 'One Way' and 'Do Not Enter' signs. We're going to have to go down two blocks to the entrance."
Terrorist 1: "Shit. There are barricades and security guards at the entrance."
Terrorist 2: "I don't want any trouble. Let's go get a sandwich from that deli and eat it down in the park."

Even if they do want to follow the rules of the road, I have the feeling they have full capability to shoot or run over the security guards and then ram through the barricades. Then it is van exploding fun for all.

I feel safe.

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Words said...

I doubt that a terrorist would know where or how to get a firearm in the US. If they were THAT connected they wouldnt have used razor blades to take down 2 buildings.

And most likly they WOULD be following all the rules. Because its important to their cause that they dont get caught- and most people are pulled over for MINOR infractions of the law and THEN the cops find tons of dope or firarms or blah blah blah in the vehicle.

My main problem with BS like that is it puts a hassel on your friends who DONT live in the complex but are coming over to visit.