Friday, August 6, 2004

Phil for VP

George W. should dump Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Tom Ridge or maybe even Dick Cheney and try the upcoming election from a slightly different angle. Get some new blood in that Cabinet and the war against terrorism would be over in no time. Get Philip Anselmo a suit to cover up those tattoos and the election and the glory is all yours.

You'd think after spending 10+ years screaming your fucking head off night after night you would run out of anger, but apparently not. I speak of Philip Anselmo (or Phil as I like to call him) of Pantera fame and now the singer of Superjoint Ritual. Did the screaming/cursing/thrashing/head-banging allow him to overcome the anger he feels about the September 11 attacks and the ongoing terrorism issues? Absolutely not. This motherfucker is mad (and not very PC):

In a brand-new pre-Ozzfest interview with Metal Edge magazine, SUPERJOINT RITUAL frontman Philip Anselmo was asked if much of the band's last album, "A Lethal Dose of American Hatred", was a response to the events of September 11, 2001. "Parts of it, for sure," Anselmo replied. "I think we got to do what we got to do, and unless you are making these particular decisions… I mean, yeah, we are a country, we are people who are allowed an opinion. 9/11 was a horrific thing, definitely the lowest point in American history, as far as us taking one on the chops. I cannot help but be sympathetic to families who lost people in that tragedy, on the planes and in the buildings. To every person who is anti-war, I have to point out the importance of us definitely showing a very, very strong front, not looking vulnerable, and also redeeming some of… I mean, Christ, look, we still have the death penalty. That's all I have to say. In a perfect society, none of that would have happened. There would be no 9/11, no executions, Christ, there would be no jails. But I'm just saying, if you fuck with the U.S., no matter what we do, you're going to have to pay at one point or another."

Asked if he happened to see the footage of Nick Berg, an American contractor in Iraq that was executed, Anselmo said, "Oh yeah, that was miserable, man. I mean, they try and whatever, the interrogation pictures are humiliating and whatever, but me? If you want to know where Osama Bin Laden is, or where Saddam Hussein is, or where any of those crazy motherfuckers are, do what you must to get an answer. I know for a fucking fact that every other country, for the most part — especially in the Third World and the Middle Eastern countries — shows a lack of regard when it comes to human life and the value of it. I mean, I'm not saying' Let's lower our standards to their level,' you know?! But we need to restore some order with authority, and if it is war that we have to endure, then so be it, if it's the only language they understand. Because they obviously are not privy to just stopping at our request, 'Knock this shit off, you motherfuckers!' You know, they have been warring since the beginning of time. Don't drag us into your shit. Maybe there's a question of us putting ourselves in there, but if you harbor these terrorists, and you damn well know about it, then you pay the fucking price as well. It's time to make a parking lot — put a flag in the ground and call it the United States of the Middle East. I mean, definitely… Fuck them! I mean, if you know the facts about the al Qaeda, they come across like a bunch of paranoid homosexual fucking Arabs, whatever the hell they are. The way they treat women and their entire attitude towards the subject is homo, man. They fucking just seem gay. I mean, obviously people are great or shallow in one way or the other, it's men and women — but they are not doing themselves any favors by fucking humiliating every woman in sight. That's Hitler-type shit. That's dictator, fucking hatred right there. None of that floats. Nobody puts up with that shit. You're begging to get your ass blown away."

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