Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Plane Talk

Sometimes I like to send out breaking news or stupid news I see on the internet or "wire" to my friends via e-mail as to keep them informed. After reading about the Russian planes which went down yesterday, I remembered about a bit of inappropriate humor I had on file from years ago. Well, plane crashes are nothing to laugh about (especially since I am flying tomorrow), but I figure if you can laugh at death you can laugh at anything. So, if my plane crashes tomorrow feel free to laugh. Anyway, after Air France's Concorde went down in a ball of flame back in 2000, I sent an e-mail to my friends letting them know. I don't remember what I had in the subject line (I wish I did), but I guess it was something heartless and inappropriate. In response, my friend Todd whips this back in the ever-popular "reply all" style:

Top 10 subject lines Bill could have used instead:
10. May-day, sil vous plait
9. supersonic becomes super flammable
8. "Uhh, Captain, aren't you going to steer away from that hotel?!"
7. Our biscuits are burnin'!
6. "What do you mean you're having a bad day captain?"
5. 109 was one too many
4. Talk about having money to burn
3. Not your left, my left
2. Today's movie will be Cheech and Chong's "Up in Smoke"
and the number one subject line?
1. That's a roger, Roger. What's your vector, Victor

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