Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Grotesque Protest

I'm sick of all of this legal bullshit with people wanting to protest during the Republican National Convention. The city is going to be enough of a mess without protesters, and what are you accomplishing by protesting? You've been protesting since this Iraq situation started, and the war rages on. Most New Yorkers don't care for George Bush. Everyone knows that, even the Republicans in MSG. If you have to protest you don't have to be in Central Park. Most people are going to avoid the MSG area like the plague. Where might they like to go? Central Park. If your stupid protesting asses are in there we'll be surrounded by shitheads. Why not protest somewhere near where the politicians are? Aren't they the ones you want to hear your "message"? I'm guessing they aren't going to hear your stupid hippy voices 40 blocks away. Stay downtown assholes. I have an idea for all of you (protesters and non-protesters alike) -- protest by voting. That is the only way you are even going to come close to making anything change in this strange land ... well, I guess you could go to law school and then start a political career, but we all know that isn't going to happen, and let's be honest; even if it did happen you wouldn't change a thing.

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