Monday, August 9, 2004

What's Your Favorite Color?

Friday night I went to see Living Colour at Bowery Ballroom. A couple people had asked me what I had planned for the weekend and when I told them that Living Colour was on the agenda and the reactions ranged from "They are still together?" to the ever-supportive "Why?"

Well, I'll have you know that they are still together, the singer had traded in his yellow, Body Glove wetsuit look (that seems to be the only thing non-fans can remember) for camo pants with T-shirt and probably most importantly they are still fucking good. I'm talking "somebody better vote them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" good.

Every member of the band could stand on their own, and do with various side projects, yet they manage to ignore the egos that they could have to make for a good team effort. Singer Corey Glover, Drummer Will Calhoun, Guitarist Vernon Reid and Bassist Doug Wimbish all tear it up musically and make for a good night of entertainment. Vernon Reid is one of the only really talented guitar players who doesn't try to drown out the rest of the band to be the center of attention. He just plays.

Anyway, as opposed to going on and on with my praises I'll just recommend going to see them next time they play. I don't see any upcoming Living Colour shows except for the UK, but there are some opportunities to see some of the guys doing their non-Living Colour thing with other bands if you want to try that out. See for all of your LC options, including Vernon Reid appearing at the Williamsburg Music & Arts Festival. in Brooklyn.

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