Monday, August 16, 2004


Do you smell something? I think it may be a lawsuit ... or is that just burning flesh? Either way this sucks:

It's nice to hear that there is another idiot over the age of 25 (like myself) who rides a skateboard. I will learn from her mistake and try to keep my skin off anything metal that Con Edison may have connection to.

I love the girl this happened to. So matter of fact: "I have tattoos, and it's something that I wanted, and that's fine. "But you know, I didn't want Con Edison branded onto my back."

Hey Liz Wallenberg! I'm not a huge fan of lawsuits, but just so you know ... according to year-end 2003 stats, Eugene McGrath, Chairman, Pres, CEO of Consolidated Edison Inc. has his yearly pay listed as $ 2.66M* I think you may be owed something for being a permenant walking billboard and I think they may just have some cash available.

You're welcome.

*Dollar amounts are as of 31-Dec-03 and compensation values are for the last fiscal year ending on that date. "Pay" is salary, bonuses, etc. "Exercised" is the value of options exercised during the fiscal year

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