Friday, August 6, 2004

Metaling Kids

Sometimes, at concerts -- especially an all day rock-a-thon -- the crowd can be a better source of entertainment then the bands are. Concerts bring out strange characters who live for crowded events and then you have the regular types who bust out their craziness once the guitars start wailing. I was reading a review of Ozzfest that was in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on July 29, 2004 and despite not actually having been there, I think this little description of the crowd probably sums up the day like nothing else can:

In one of the more bizarre scenes from a day full of bizarre scenes, a man in a wheelchair actually surfed the roiling mosh pit as Slipknot launched into the buzz-saw tune "Heretic Anthem."

"I thought I'd seen it all but that's some serious (bleep) right there," said Slipknot screamer Corey Taylor.

Wheelchair at an all-day metal show? A wheelchair actually in the mosh pit? I would have loved to have seen that. Sun glimmering off the wheelchair spokes as it, and its metal loving passenger bounces around suspended on the arms and heads of metal fans typically known for their punching, pushing, kicking and other such music driven violence. That is a classic concert moment that if seen can really cause you to do nothing except point, stare and think, "That guy is fucking nuts. Who the hell thought of that and who had the ability to block out any judgment of safety issues as they were boosting him up overhead. Fucking awesome!"

Good for you wheelchair guy. Fuck feeling sorry for yourself and fuck boring-ass wheelchair accessible seating.

Keep on rockin' in the (not so) free world.

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