Monday, August 30, 2004

Sporting Fool

Q: Who's destined to be the Asshole of the Year?
A: Cornelius Horan

Who messes with an Olympic athlete ... especially an athlete who has already run 23 miles and is skinny as hell to begin with? Cornelius Horan does. It's the fucking Olympics! The only place/event that you can ignore cultural/racial/political/religious differences. Messing with someone in the Olympics who has been in training for years, especially for a religious reason makes you a major asshole. Why not mess with a boxer or freestyle wrestler so you could have had your ass beaten like you deserve? For your next stunt (which I'm sure will come soon thanks to your skimpy penalty) try running out on the field during the javelin so you can get skewered or perhaps out on the shooting range. That way you would get your message out to the world and get what you deserve at the same time.

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