Tuesday, June 15, 2004

113 Used Syringes

You should read this article I originally read in POPsmear magazine (one of my favorites of all-time until they went bottom up) on the fiasco that was the underground and underrated Meat Puppets: http://www.popsmear.com/popculture/features/20/meat.html

First reason I say to read this is that it is good/interesting. After that first reason, it can also be useful:

- as a reminder that you should do drugs -- especially heroin.
- to let you think that your own life ain't half bad.
- to scare little kids (or other rock stars) into avoiding drugs

It also reinforces what almost everyone knows already:
- Seattle does fucked up things to people
- rock stars just have to fuck up the good thing they have going

OK. Get reading. I'll expect a full report when you are done.

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