Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hand Off

Now that Saddam Hussein has been handed over the Iraqis in a legal capacity I am anxiously awaiting the physical handing over. I picture something fun like this happening --

United States President George W. Bush: Here is Saddam Hussein. The man who oppressed you, squashed your freedoms and murdered your families, friends and countrymen.

Director of Special Tribunal for the trial, Salem Chalabi: Thank you President Bush and the rest of all of the liberating countries involved. This would not have been possible without your help.

Iraqi Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi: We'll take him from here and see that he receives the justice he never gave any of us.

Saddam is ceremoniously passed between the men with flash bulbs galore.

Iraq's new national security adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie: Welcome back Saddam. I think you will find your palace slightly damaged but home sweet home nevertheless. You are free to go.

Iyad Allawi and Salem Chalabi: Maniacal laughter ~

Saddam: I can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book! What a fool, what's with you man, c'mon? So, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.*

Saddam and Co. exit stage left

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and United States President George W. Bush: Shit!

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