Thursday, June 24, 2004

Tropical Cancer II

Not to be outdone by R.J. Reynolds it seems that Brown & Williamson has decided to give the flavored-up Camels a run for their money.

I saw an advertisement today for Kool cigarettes avec flavor. Watch the fuck out Camel. Kool already has menthol on its side and now there are flavors too! Here is what Kool has going:
note: the words in parenthesis are the descriptive words for the add, not part of the actual name

(Alluring) Caribbean Chill, (Enchanting) Midnight Berry, (Tantalizing) Mintrigue and (Enticing) Mocha Taboo

I don't know if the American Dental Association has approved them yet, but Kool's Mintrigue sounds like you can brush your teeth with them.

Someone (one of you ultra-hip smokers) please smoke some of these things (Camel or Kool) and give me a report as to whether they live up to their delicious names.

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Anonymous said...

Also, being a non-smoker I recently saw the ads for the Kool and Camel "limited summer flavors; and was intrigued too. Suddenly, like you said, the thought of a pina colada and a Camel on the beach sounded heavenly. Damn the man! they tapped into something. Thank god I'm asthmatic or I may have been gotten by the genious that created summer flavor cigarettes.