Tuesday, June 22, 2004

1lb. Please

Here is a little snippet from an interview with Michael Clarke Duncan (the giant guy from such films as The Whole Nine Yards, The Green Mile and Daredevil). I don't remember where I got it from, but does it really matter? All I know is Michael Clarke Duncan is not coming to my house for breakfast unless he brings his own eats ~~

You have a big appetite?
MCD: Yes, I do and I try to watch it but you know, all the
time...once I start eating, it's my passion.

What's it take to fill you up?
MCD: As a child, you have to remember I started cooking at the age of six. My mother taught me how to cook because she never wanted a woman holding over my head that she wasn't going to cook for me on any given occasion. So I know how to go in and burn. Every morning I'd go in and have 12 eggs with cheese, I'd have a pound of bacon and six slices of toast. That's what I would eat every morning. My cousins were in town one day and they said, "Your brother is so nice, he's making breakfast for everyone." My sister looked at them and said, "That's not for you guys, that's for him." My cousin said, "No, no, he got a pound of bacon, he's cooking for everyone." She said, "well go in there and ask him." My cousin said, "Michael that's really nice of you to cook breakfast..." I was like you're not getting any of this, and I sat at that table and ate EVERYTHING. And that's when the weight started coming on as a young kid.

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