Saturday, June 5, 2004

That Should Dry Things Out

I just read an article on bodybuilding -- more specifically about Jay Cutler. His whole workout routine -- weights, eating, sleeping, supplements, etc is pretty retarded. Tons of food, tons of weight, tons of pills/powders and plenty of obsessing about appearance. He says that right before a competition you need to dehydrate in order to look extra cut. I'm thinking that avoiding drinking is the way to do this. No way! That's not going to do you right, fool! You have to really shrivel yourself proper!

"I didn't drink for three days before the 2001 Mr. Olympia, Cutler says, "I was eating dry oatmeal; it's like sawdust. Your body has to pull fluid from somewhere to digest something that dry, so it pulls fluid from under the skin. Your mouth is so dry you don't speak. You're walking on bones because you have no padding in your feet. You have no functioning skills whatsoever. You'll actually feel like you're going to die. But when you feel that way, it's usually when you look your best."

I'm no doctor, but I'm thinking that routine is not very healthy. Mmmmm dry oatmeal ...

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