Wednesday, June 2, 2004

A Little (Less) Diddy

While sitting at my desk at work, if I look over my computer monitor and out the window I see very few things of interest. If I was on a lower floor or sitting closer to the window I would see a lot, but up on the 32nd floor and sitting where I am, all I see is sky and the upper portions of surrounding buildings. There are two advertisements within range as well. One for the W Hotel is fairly plain (but so high that I can't imagine very many people seeing it other then jerks like me who are staring out the window while at work) and the other is for Sean John clothing. Both signs annoy me (probably because I see them so often), but the Sean John one I am really starting to hate. It covers twenty floors and is just Sean "P. Diddy" Combs in one of his ugly-ass warm-up suits with his fist held overhead. I know you are a big Broadway star now Diddy along with all the other crap you do, but do you need to have a twenty story billboard? Dear Viacom or Artkraft Strauss or whoever controls that billboard space. Please make P. Diddy leave my field of view. Get someone fun in there -- maybe Mr. Peanut, Phoney McRingRing, the Green Giant or a Victoria's Secret model -- I don't care, just no more Diddy.

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