Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Just Like Kiefer Sutherland

My last 24 hours have brought these happenings/thoughts to the forefront:

Phish fans are probably the most annoying people in the world. Hippies suck! ... especially fake hippies. Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, on the other hand, is not annoying, nor does it suck.

If you are going to let make a 20 million dollar space plane don't let Michael Melvill pilot the thing:

After burning its rocket for 80 seconds, SpaceShipOne sped up to more than three times the speed of sound and then coasted to its peak altitude, making Melvill weightless.

Melville said he released a bag of M&Ms chocolates to see if they would float in the cockpit.

"It was amazing, these M&Ms were going around everywhere," he said.

Asshole. This is a 20 million dollar project we're dealing with here. We don't need M&Ms melting into the control board.

It is possible (according to one girl's mother) to have a fetish even when you are under the age of five.

I found a bar that is worth checking out called Croxley Ales located on Avenue B (btwn. 2nd & 3rd Street). They have a lot of beer, an outside eating area and specials that include 10 cent wings, cheap nachos, cheap beer and other yum yums depending on the day. They have other locations on Long Island, but you won't catch me there anytime soon.

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