Sunday, June 6, 2004

Tropical Cancer

I just checked out a magazine add by Camel for two "official blends of summer" cigarettes. I think I am generally known to be anti-smoking, but these certainly sound intriguing. Maybe it is because they are only available for a "limited time" and apparently are the "official blends of summer" but I am thinking the intrigue is there because they sound delicious. One is Kauai Kolada (Hawaiian Hints of Pineapple & Coconut) and the other is Twista Lime (A Citrus Tiki Taste Sensation!). I can't imagine how awesome one of these would be if I were on a beach somewhere with say a margarita in one hand and a Twista Lime in the other. Citrus party! And the taste buds, lungs and tummy are all invited.

Screw you R.J. Reynolds and Camel for making me intrigued ... and making me think about being on a beach too (when I am clearly not).

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