Monday, June 28, 2004

Mermaid Wrap

As previously mentioned, I attended the Mermaid Parade out in Coney Island on Saturday. Good times.

The whole thing is ridiculous. I think the quote in this story on NY1 summed it up best: "The costumes are crazy," said one reveler. "There are boobs everywhere." Everyone has a different body type, and I respect that, but I think it is safe to say that most of the people with the "boobs everywhere" really shouldn't be quite so free with the revealing.

Here are some sites with photos if you'd like a taste (hopefully the photographers/site owners won't mind me linking to them:

I got to see Moby and Theo representing as rulers of the whole thing. They weren't very exciting, but it is always fun to say you saw a celebrity I guess.

After the parade I helped myself to two Nathan's hotdogs (one with chili and one with mustard), a lemonade and some cheese fries. What else to do after a stomach full of heart attack? The Cyclone of course. Yes, a ride on the Cyclone and some freak watching wrapped up the Coney Island experience quite nicely.

Done and done ... 'til next year.

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daniel harvey said...

I don't mind the link at all. I'm glad you liked them.

The NY1 quote you lead with reminds me of a great moment during the parade when a man clearly from out of town wondered aloud, "so I guess it's legal to go topless in New York?"

The entire side of the street I was on (in fron of Nathan's) turned to him and said in unison, "Yeah. Isn't it great?!?"

I love this town.